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Dr. Q and Doc. Z  WON the 2013 NASA Commercial Invention of the year!
Doctor Allan Zuckerwar,
 You will never be forgotten and I will always be grateful for the gifts you gave me. 
My most cherished friend and mentor Dr. Qamar Shams passed away on March 18, 2023. Qamar was born in a small rural village in Pakistan. When I met him one of the 100’s of “things” he invented: a ¼” Prepolarized Microphone, was recognized by the D.O.E.’s Sandia National Laboratories as THE WORLD Leading low noise microphone. Leading meaning in MANY areas, particularly it could accurately measure pressure waves well below the threshold known as “Infrasound”. I soon found out that no other research team in the world could study both man made and natural phenomenon in a way that we would for the next decade. (un-officially of course). I look back with much gratitude that I was able to spend so much time him. I couldn’t begin to put into words how unique, hardworking, Intelligent, patriotic, Innovative, … a man of great integrity. For now I will add links below to Pictures and Videos in hopes that other’s may choose to pursue a field of Science few know anything about and even fewer have seen (as you can’t hear it, but you can feel it), I will update this site as I find more “stuff”: 
Lean Forward Fail Smart:   VIDEO
They Come in Peace:   VIDEO
The initial install at Patrick Henry Airport.    VIDEO
An Afternoon at PHF:   VIDEO
Hump Day at NASA    VIDEO
The MD88 Engine test   VIDEO
NASA Youth Day   VIDEO
ASA Conference in San Francisco:   VIDEO